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Anime Desho Desho? has MOVED


Anime Desho Desho? has moved to our new host,

Please update your bookmarks/feeds to:

This blog will no longer be active. Thank you for your past support!

I hope to see everyone at the new blog XD

Posted by: tsubaki | June 21, 2006

Aya Hirano is my God (Haruhi 12)


I have never been more blown away by anything than episode 12 of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Despite me saying that I won't be updating, I really have to post about this.

Anyway, what's more mind blowing is the power of Aya Hirano's voice. When Haruhi belted "God Knows…" my brain went on the hyperdrive and "Omfg omfg omfg omfg" just kept going on in my head. This song is just so powerful, emotional and moving. If I was crippled and disabled, I would still jump up and dance to it.

Number of times "God Knows…" has been played on my iTunes: 22 times. And I only got it today.

The concert arc in episode 12 was just crazily real- Hats off to Kyoto Animation again. The playing of the instrument sync-ed seamlessly with the music, the drawings were top notched, the minor details were real (Haruhi pespiring, her hair going off a little, their fingers strumming and playing the guitar). Hell, it was exactly like a real concert replicated in anime form. Nothing was missing, every element was present even the vibe. Thank god for my new speakers system, it really brought the music (my bass and treble were on max and it blew me away) out.


(I'm head banging to the song as I type, so i'm suffering from minor concussion now)

The encore song, "Lost my Music" wasn't too bad as well though Aya's Engrish isn't too good. But that's not really a problem since overall it still is a good song.

This episode also brought out the other side of Haruhi which we never knew and her being so helpful to human beings other then esper, time travellers and aliens totally threw me off. Hell, even Mikuru and Fang-tan's Yakisoba Maid Cafe didn't even steal the limelight.

Here's the lyrics to this mind blowing song:

God Knows…

背中向けて 去ってしまう
on the lonely rail

my way 重なるよ
いまふたりに God bless…

あなたへあふれだす Lovin' you

描きながら 追いかけよう
for your lonely heart

my wish かなえたいのに
すべては God knows…

あなたがいて 私がいて

my way 重なるよ
いまふたりに God bless…


God Knows…
Kawaita kokoro de kakenukeru
Gomen ne nani mo dekinakute
Itami wo wakachiau koto sae
Anata wa yurushitekurenai

Muku ni ikiru tame furimukazu
Senaka mukete satteshimau
on the lonely rail

Watashi tsuiteiku yo
Donna tsurai sekai no yami no naka de sae
Kitto anata wa kagayaite
Koeru mirai no hate
Yowasa yue ni tamashii kowasarenu you ni
my way kasanaru yo
Ima futari ni God bless…

Todokete atsuku naru omoi wa
Genjitsu tokashite samayou
Aitai kimochi ni riyuu wa nai
Anata e afuredasu Lovin' you

Semete utsukushii yume dake wo
Egakinagara oikakeyou
for your lonely heart

Yamete uso wa anata rashikunai yo
Me wo mite kore kara no koto wo hanasou
Watashi kakugoshiteru
Kurai mirai datte
Tsuyoku natte unemi kaerareru kamo ne
my wish kanaetai no ni
Subete wa God knows…

Anata ga ite watashi ga ite
Hoka no hito wa kieteshimatta
Awai yume no utsukushisa wo egakinagara
Kizuato nazoru

Dakara watashi tsuiteiku yo
Donna tsurai sekai no yami no naka de sae
Kitto anata wa kagayaite
Koeru mirai no hate
Yowasa yue ni tamashii kowasarenu you ni
my way kasanaru yo
Ima futari ni God bless…

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Anime Desho Desho? will be moving

I just got contacted by Maestro, the owner of and he has accepted my request to be have my blog hosted. I'm currently working on the themes and fixing a couple of stuff on it. 

Once it's up, I'll post the new URL to it, so remember to update your bookmarks/feeds/etc.

So I won't be posting for a couple of days, since I'll be busy working on the new blog. Still deciding whether I want to port over the entries here over to the new blog or not.

Till then, stay tune for the new Anime Desho Desho? 

Posted by: tsubaki | June 20, 2006

The depressing Full Time is arriving


Next week will mark the end of most the the 12 episodes animes that were aired during the great April Spring release. Yes, that one where everyone got overwhelmed by the long list of to-be-released animes. Usually 12 episodes animes don't really leave a very lasting impression compared to those 24-26 episodes animes because it takes time to build up a story and character that we will fall in love with.

2-3 episodes the the introduction, 4-5 episodes of plot build up, and the last 3-4 episode concludes or breaks the anime. However, this spring has a number of 12 episodes anime that really strikes a chord in us. Here's a list of those animes that will be ending soon:

  • Black Lagoon (12 episodes)
  • Disgaea (12 episodes)
  • Himawari (13 episodes)
  • Magical Pokan (12 episodes)
  • School Rumble Semester 2 (13 episodes)
  • Soul Link (12 episodes)
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (14 episodes)
  • Yume Tsukai (12 episodes)

There might be more, but that's all I know for now. Out of the 8 on this list, I can safely say that Black Lagoon, School Rumble S2 and Haruhi will cause major depression among the anime community when it ends. Everyone might be scrambling to organize marathon sessions for it. Lol, but I prefer to marathon animes with 24-26 episodes.So brace up for the rough storm ahead.

It will be 3 months later when the next storm comes again, and it will probably be a lot more deadlier, since we'd be very attached to the anime by then. 

But not to worry since there's the new summer releases to ease our pain.

On a side off-topic note, danbooru closing down really sucks. And most of the pictures that I have are of Mai-HiME/Otome, Shakugan no Shana, Fate/stay Night, Suzumiya Haruhi or Utawarerumono. It's been a long while since I went on a "Right click save as" spree. And now, watch as the anime blogging community go on a picture drought.

Posted by: tsubaki | June 19, 2006

Megami Magazine July issue


Grabbed my copy of Megami Magazine July issue yesterday at Kinokuniya and it's a complete blast. Front cover of the School Rumble girls in their wedding gowns. I must say it's the best issue ever, in terms of the goodies given and articles. The free poster included is the picture of a million Mikuru, sending the Moe-o-meter on the overdrive. And on the back side, it's a the Fate/stay Night crew, Saber, Rin and Sakura.

I'm in trouble since I like both sides. Think I might have to get another copy. Damn Megami. Lol.

This issue's tear out poster include:

  • Ah! My Goddess
  • Demonbane
  • Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's
  • Higurashi no naku koro ni
  • Inukami
  • Witchblade
  • ARIA
  • Soul Link
  • Da Capo II
  • Simoun
  • Disgaea
  • Utawarerumono
  • School Rumble

Till date, I haven't cut out any of those poster from my Megami magazines but this issue is really really tempting me to do so. The posters included are fantastic, notably Demonbane (Al Azif and that red Loli girl), Soul Link (Nao and Sayaka in a hot steamy shower) and Disgaea (Etna and Flonne in school uniform).




I'm lazy to scan the articles, so I'm just going to post thumbnail snapshots of them. This will roughly show you what to expect in this issue. I didn't take everything though, but this are the few the got me interested. Especially news of Kujibiki Unbalance coming out as an anime.

School Rumble

Fate/stay Night

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Higurashi no naku koro ni

Kujibiki Unbalance (Coming out soon!)



Soul Link



Strawberry Panic

Magical Pokan (on the right)

Demonbane, Soul Link, Aria, Utawarerumono

Also, news of a couple of PC games getting ported over to the PS2. Soul Link, Utawarerumono and ARIA the Natural. Demonbane gets a new PC game (which looks really good, I bet i can get it off BT so time later)

That's it for this issue. I just realized that I forgot to take a picture of the huge ass poster provided, but my cybershot batt's is dead. Shall do it another day.

Posted by: tsubaki | June 19, 2006

PSP rants


Relax, relax.. I'm sure it will work out alright 

The thing about getting a 1.5 firmware PSP is that it's very annoying to play new games on it. I been trying to get Field Commander to work on my DevHook (a program that tricks the psp into thinking it's running at a higher firmware, say 2.5), but it's pratically impossible.

Sometimes I wonder whether it's worth all the hassle. I'm thinking of selling this 1.5 firmware psp and just buy the games. Lol.

Then again, this is just a rash decision because I want to play Field Commander. Ah hell, I don't know now. 

Spending too much time trying to get it to work annoys me like crazy. And the homebrew community isn't exactly the most friendliest kind. Read through like 200 over pages of threads and still nothing works, despite them saying that Field Commander works on Devhook.

Bah. I'm going to try downloading getting Generation of Chaos now. If this doesn't work for me as well, I think it's pointless to hold onto my 1.5.

Posted by: tsubaki | June 18, 2006

Fate/stay Night: Fumoffu

I just finished watching episode 24, and I'm not too pleased about the ending. The ED montash was good though, lol. Fate/stay Night has been a really rough ride for the past 8 months. When it first started out, I was drawn towards it by the sword fights and Saber herself.

My usual gripe with FSN is how the story has butchered and how they have watered down the fight scenes. Go rewatch the first episode of Fate/stay Night. I was impressed by it, but after that, the animation studio slowly decided to use far shots of the characters fighting each other. Remember the first episode of FSN when Saber fought with Gilamesh? I bet nobody remembered that. I didn't too, hahaha. That battle was amazing.

I think the story lost itself after Rider died. After Rider's death, everything just went on a downward spiral and FSN became a painful and boring anime to watch. Yet, everyone continues to watch it despite bashing Shirou and the completed derailed story.

Fate/stay Night is probably one of those few animes that has a large number of viewers despite the horrible story. Everyone's watching it for the girls. Be it Saber, Rin, Ilys, Sakura, Rider, etc etc. We all just want our weekly slice of Saber. And nothing's going to stop us, bad plot or not.

So I suppose, does Characters > Plot in an anime?

If so, I hereby propose that Kyoto Animation picks up Fate/stay Night and produce Fate/stay Night: Fumoffu. The plot revolves around Shirou's school life and how Saber becomes a transfer student at his school and copes with becoming a normal student. Basically think Saber as Sagara and Shirou as himself. Shirou will never do a dropkick like Chidori, so he can just stick to being himself.

Saber will attempt to do her homework the knight's way and also protect Shirou from getting "assassinated" or "targeted" by enemies. She's also part of a secret organization called the MYTHRIL GRAIL, since the Holy Grail got destroyed.

And Saber gets to ride Robots, and her callsign happens to be Uruzu-7.

Since we have no idea what to do with the rest of the girls, we'll just throw them into the harem party and make all of them fall in love with Shirou. Or, we could always do a Higurashi and make Rin, Sakura, Ilys, Rider and Caster all Killer Lolis with huge melon pans– with the exception of Ilys of course.

And to spice the anime up a little bit, we could also get Sakura to be the next Mikuru and Rin being the next Haruhi. Shirou can be gay like Itsuki and as for Kyon… Berserker could try out that role since he barely spoke any lines in the anime, I'm sure he's a great cynical thinker like Kyon.

I mean picture this-

Ilys: "Berserker, kill Archer now!"

Berserker in his mind: "Why do I get this feeling that when I'm in this room, I'm automatically marked as having nothing to do?"

Berserker: RAAAAAAAAR.

Ilys: "Berserker, hurry up!"

Berserker in his mind: "You're standing to close to me, you're breathing too close to me"

Berserker: RAAAAAAR.

Berserker in his mind: "I'm getting tired of this RAAAR RAAAR crap. I'm going to just play dead when Saber hits me with her sword. To hell with my 7 lifes."

I think I pretty much have a plot now. And now, to get this translated into japanese and send it to Kyoto Animation. If Type-Moon ever needs a new DVD money making revenue for FSN, please pick this up.

Or get better casts for Fate/stay Knight.

Posted by: tsubaki | June 18, 2006

Watching animes on my new PSP

I just bought a PSP today, and i absolutely love it. My reason for getting a PSP is actually more for watching animes on it sexy 368×208 screen while on the train to work. I still do play games for it, so it's not really a problem.

Best part is that my PSP's firmware is 1.5, so I busy downloading borrowing games now. Planning to get Field Commander and Generation of Chaos for now. My friend gave me Dynasty Warriors, The Sims 2 and Kingdom of Paradise (which i hate, gonna delete that later).
I'm using PSP Video 9 to re-encode my animes for PSP viewing but I'm still playing around with the settings and configuration. Does anyone have a recommended conversion quality for animes? Currently i'm testing out 2 of their profiles- the "SP/Anime (2.5 – 3)" and "SP/Movie (2.5 – 3)".

I bought a 2GB memory stick, so size is not really a problem. Though my concern is whether the highest setting is worth the wait or not.

Here's a picture of my PSP running KIBA. It's lovely I tell you. The sound is pretty solid. Video quality wise it's not too shabby either. I have to try the highest compression later on.


Posted by: tsubaki | June 17, 2006

Summer 2006 explosion

This spring 72 animes were released, causing a mental breakdown among the hardcore Otaku fans. If you did your maths, say each anime takes 20 minutes to watch, 72 animes would take up 1440 minutes. That's how much you have to dedicate yourself to watching each week.

And if you convinently forget to watch it religiously each week, the number just continues to grow just like your untouched homework since last spring. For me, i got addicted to playing Granado Espada (Japanese server), and as a result, i have a long list of unwatched animes. Thankfully, I'm only following 26 animes this season.

I have to make way for the 30 Summer anime releases soon, so here are my few picks. Most of them are determined by the character art or seiyuus involved in it. Heh.

Tsuyokisu CoolxSweet is a must watch. The character art stole my heart. And them being tsundere characters make it a lot more sweeter to watch at the end. Hahaha, aeroflare guessed correctly about me watching this for sure. And to make things sweeter, Mai Nakahara will be voicing Erika Kiriya. Kitaaa!


Zero no Tsukaima looks good as well. Don't have the details for it at the moment, but it's like Mahou Sensei Negima without that annoying Negima.

Coyote Ragtime Show is also another must watch. I just love gun-chicks related animes. Think Black Lagoon, wild wild west styled. I think. But i saw space ships and space battles in the trailer though. Download the trailer here. And there are lolis in this anime! YAY! =X

N・H・K ni Youkoso must watch for sure. It's about an otaku with a social disorder. The "live in the house shunning away people" kind of disorder. I remember reading about it on wikepedia sometime ago. Can't remember the name for it. Anyway, it's like about the negative aspect of an otaku, and making a joke out of it.

Innocent Venus's synopsis at looks interesting. Post apocolyse world, poverty vs rich, mecha and plenty of strife. My cup of tea.

And for the heck of it, I'm gonna watch the Demashita! PowerPuff Girls. Yes, the Powerpuff girls in anime form. How cool is that? Lmao.

I'm going to watch all the releases anyway, and I'll just slowly drop them base on my taste. But I'm very forgiving, so I might end up not dropping at all. Haha. For example, The Third ~Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo~ was pretty much the usual sword swinging character. But after episode 4, it's pushed 10 notches up and became a mecha-ish anime. Completely awesome, and worth the following.

So the lesson learnt from this? Don't judge the anime based on the first few episodes.

Posted by: tsubaki | June 16, 2006

Mighty Morphing Power Seiyuus

Seiyuus have always been a deciding factor for me when it comes to watching a brand new anime. I would watch anything by has Aya Hirano, Mai Nakahara, Mika Kikuchi or Ami Koshimizu. The similarity between the 4 of them? They all have at least sung an OP or ED before.


Aya Hirano, famous for her role in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya has happens to voice 3 other animes that were launch this spring. Himawari, NANA and Renkin 3-kyuu Magical? Pokahn or also known as Magical Pokan. Her voice is very unique and if you have never watched any of the 3 other animes that i have mentioned, give it a try and you'll instantly recognize which character she's voicing. And she's also the same age as me, 1987 baby ftw! Hahaha.

In Himawari, Aya Hirano voices Shikimi, a very cool headed female ninja that specialises in medical herbs and mixing them into something deadly. Think Eruru in a destructive manner. Out of the 5 girls in Himawari, Shikimi's my favorite though it's not because Aya Hirano is voicing her.

I'm following Live-Evil for NANA, but they have been dead for quite sometime, so i have gotten the chance to hear her in NANA as Reira Serizawa.

As for Magical Pokan, I cannot stress how much I love Pachira. And you can probably guess who's voicing that really gothloli vampire. I'm praying very hard that her figurine gets released as well, since Yuma already has hers released by Max Factory.


My love for Mai Nakahara started during Mai-HiME days, and it when on with Mai Otome, Amaenaideyo, Kage Kara Mamoru and Magikano. And this spring, Mai Nakahara can be heard in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Strawberry Panic and Utawarerumono.

Anyone that watches Higurashi no Naku Koro ni knows that Rena kills. I'm not sure whether they know that Mai kills as well. Hahaha. Higurashi gives Mai Nakahara a wide spectrum of voices, from really sweet voice of the normal Rena to the blood thirsty loli from hell, and it sure is entertainining whenever I get to listen to her go psycho on Keichii.

In Strawberry Panic, she pairs up with fellow Mai Otome co-star Ai Shimizu (Tamao Suzumi) as the really annoying Nagisa Aoi and bores us to death in the earlier few episodes. Thank God it's starting to get a lot more better now, and the yuri-ness is going on the overdrive. If it wasn't for Mai, i would have dropped this at around episode 4 or 5. Staying with it paid off though, it's really entertaining to watch now. Mai Nakahara saves the day.

She's also voicing a minor character in Utawarerumono, the blind but cute Yuzuha that occasionally appears from time to time. Nothing really fancy here, since she's supposed to be sickly. Eruru and Aruru steals the limelight from her. I wonder what it would be like if Mai Nakahara voiced Eruru instead of Ryoka Yuzuki (Haruka from Mai-HiME/Otome). Hmm. I was quite shocked that teh ass kicking iron ball meister was voicing Eruru. If she can pull it off, Mai shouldn't have a problem.


Mika Kikuchi wins the internet for the most kawaii seiyuu ever. I fell in love with her when i was watching the Mai Otome Otometic shows, a series of short programs featuring Mai Otome related merchandise as well as the cast guest starring in it.. If you haven watched it yet, i seriously suggest you do. You'll also fall in love with Ami Koshimizu as well.

Mika Kikuchi doesn't really have a major role after Arika, unless you consider Mokona as one from xxxHOLIC and Tsubasa Chronicles. Still, that doesn't stop me from going gaga over her. Heh.


Ami Koshimizu! Nina Wang (Mai Otome)! Oh why Nina, must you fall in love with the Sergey? Damn Sunrise for that. I loved Nina. Yes, noticed the -ed. That was before she became a Sergeyophile. Bleagh. Nevertheless, Ami wins the internet after Mika is done with it. Like Mika, i fell in love with her as well in the Mai Otome Otometic series.

She fairs better then Mika though, she's got School Rumble Semester 2, Simoun and Kamisama Kazoku under her belt this spring.

What's the difference between Nina and Tenma (School Rumble)? They are like 2 bloody worlds apart, yet voiced by the same seiyuu. Hahaha. I'm sorry Ami, but Tenma is soooo bloody annoying, yet funny at the same time. Never fails to crack me up when she does that "DUWA" stance against Lala. Hahaha.

Ami Koshimizu (Paraietta) was the main reason why I decided to follow Simoun, though DOREMI's really slow at subbing it. So far, it's pretty enjoying to watch. The first 2 episodes were a little heavy on explainations of the terms and concept, but after that it's pretty much watchable. I was hoping Simoun would become the next Mai Otome fix for me, but sadly that sub's rolling in too slowly.

The most recent appearance of Ami would be Tenko from Kamisama Kazoku. It's awfully funny to watch and it's a complete joy to hear from her again. Yay.


Ah yes, talking about new animes reminds me that the Summer releases are coming soon. A lot of the 12 episodes animes would be ending next week. I'll have to quickly clear my long list of unwatched animes to welcome the new season one.

Shall talk about the animes that I'm planning to watch, though I might pick up more on the way.

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